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Law Offices of Carl T. Edwards, P.S. offers experienced, conscientious, and compassionate representation in family law matters. Our firm consists of one attorney, Carl Edwards, and one paralegal, Rinda Evans. You will have our personal attention if you hire us to represent you in a family law matter.

Carl Edwards has practiced family law in King County, Washington since 1995. Carl has a reputation for being a good litigator who works hard to settle all of his cases. He gives his clients honest, objective feedback about their cases to help them make informed decisions about their case. He presents their case at mediation in a manner that helps facilitate settlement on reasonable terms. If the other side won't be reasonable, he will take the case to trial. Attorney Profile.

Rinda Evans has worked with family law attorneys in King County since 1995. She obtained her paralegal certification in 1999 and has worked for Carl since 2001. Rinda is familiar with Carl's approach to the practice of family law and shares the same values that he brings to the practice of law. Rinda and Carl work together on all cases.


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Firm Philosophies For The Practice of Family Law

  • We work hard to settle every case because an agreed resolution is almost always in our client's best interests.
  • We view trial as the most civilized means available for resolving an otherwise intractable dispute, but we pursue all reasonable avenues for settlement before resorting to trial. If the other side refuses to settle on reasonable terms, we are perfectly willing and able to go to trial.
  • We represent both sides of every issue because that helps us keep things in better perspective.
  • We avoid blowing things out of proportion. We will state your case in a respectful and persuasive manner that is effective at mediation or court.
  • We give our clients honest, objective feed-back about their cases based on our many years of experience in the field of family law.


Practice Areas

Carl Edwards' practice is focused on family law cases that involve the following types of issues:
Complex financial issues in high asset marital dissolutions and dissolutions of domestic partnerships:

  • Valuation of businesses, business interests, and professional practices.
  • Analysis of stock options and restricted stock awards.
  • Real property valuation.
  • Separate property tracing and analysis.
  • Analysis of retirement benefits (e.g., 401(k)'s, IRA's, pensions, deferred compensation accounts, etc.).
  • Dissipation or concealment of assets.
  • Spousal maintenance.
  • Child Support for high-income or high net-worth parents.
  • Litigation related to the enforceability of prenuptial agreements, community property agreements, and other spousal agreements.
Establishment of parenting plans for children when their parents separate (whether or not the parents were married):

  • Assist in negotiating a parenting plan that provides for the best interests of the children.
  • Work closely with experts as necessary to determine appropriate responses to difficult parenting/custody issues, including children with special needs, parents who suffer from mental illness, parents with alcohol or drug impairments, domestic violence, physical impairments that may (or may not) affect parenting, and false allegations involving any of the previously mentioned issues.
  • Assist and advise parents who are participating in parenting evaluations and other court-ordered evaluations in parenting cases (e.g., forensic psychological evaluations of parents or children, sexual deviancy evaluations, etc.).
  • Determination of paternity if paternity is contested, along with establishment of child support and back support in paternity cases.
  • Litigation of jurisdiction in parenting plan/custody cases.
Modification of existing parenting plans:

  • Major modifications involving a switch of primary residential placement.
  • Minor modifications (i.e., no switch of primary placement) to accommodate changes in work schedule for either parent, change in residence by the parent who does not have the children the majority of the time, and to address conduct by a parent that is harmful to the children.
  • Relocation cases, representing parents who wish to relocate a child's primary residence and parents who oppose such.
  • Litigation of jurisdiction in parenting plan modification cases.
Domestic violence cases:

  • Assist victims of domestic violence in filing for a Domestic Violence Protection Order.
  • Representation of individuals responding to a petition for a Domestic Violence Protection Order, including persons who have been falsely accused of domestic violence and persons who admit they have committed domestic violence but want to address the issue in a manner that will allow them to continue parenting their children to the greatest extent possible.
  • Appropriate follow up in subsequent family law proceedings if children are involved.

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